Prowl staff give their regards to retiring adviser

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April 8, 2021

Photo courtesy: Kylie Kahl

Members of the spring 2021 Prowl staff pose with their Adviser Mr. Vin Cappiello during one of the staff’s many “parties” second semester.

After teaching PHS students for five years English teacher and journalism adviser Mr. Vincent Cappiello announced his retirement, and though his departure is not without tears, his students value the time he taught. 

The Prowl staff offers the following messages to Cappiello as he moves onto a new chapter of his life:

“If it wasn’t for Adviser Cap recruiting me to the class (thanks to Mrs. Amy Moore), I would have never discovered the passion I hold for journalism. Before I joined journalism, I held little confidence in myself, now I’m editor-in-chief of the Prowl and I’ll talk to whoever I need for a story. I haven’t known Cap for that long, yet he feels like a long-time mentor and friend. Throughout the time we have known one another, we’ve both gone through ups and downs and we’ve always supported one another. He knows what days I need a soda and I know what days he needs me to take some of the workloads off of him. Sometimes we butt heads, like when I take a long time to edit a video (I’m never letting you live that down Cap), but at the end of the day, I hold more respect for him as a journalist, adviser, and overall person than I do most people. So, Thank you Cap. It’s going to be hard not having you around, but I know you’ll always be there to support me. I’ll always adhere to the ethics of journalism you taught us and I’ll make you proud of the work I do.” -Lucyjane Crimm, Prowl editor-in-chief 

“Cap is a mentor. Not only in the classroom, but in life. In the year that I’ve had with him in his class, I’ve learned a lot about journalism but even more about life. I’m grateful that I got that year with him, but it went by too fast. I wouldn’t trade that year for anything, and I wish I would’ve taken journalism sooner. Thank you for always being there for your students Cap.” -Aiden Chandler, Prowl associate editor 

“Cap dawg has been my bestie since day one. The day I stepped into his classroom as a small freshman, he and I both knew we were going to get along. Just something about his passive-aggressiveness and crazy sarcasm made me feel so welcomed… which is strange to hear, since the ‘welcoming’ feeling should really come from kindness and fun-loving people (which of course he is.) When I’m upset, he knows. When he’s upset, I know. He gives me my space and I give him his. But please I am begging, NEVER and I mean NEVER interrupt this man when he’s being a grump. You’ll wish you’d never met him. A crazy Italian, Lord of the Rings lover is going to be a guy I will miss forever. A father figure really is how I saw him. In the two years I’ve known Cap, I wish I would’ve been besties before day 1. Yo Cap. I’ll miss you dawg. You a real one.” -Shelby Fagan, Prowl sports editor 

“I’ve never had Cap for a teacher until this year, I’ll for sure miss him and his attempts to roast me. I remember the time he made me think I stole his so-called “award” that he bought off eBay.  I can forgive, I won’t forget. Overall, thank you Cap for being a great teacher. Mrs. Moore has some big shoes to fill and that’s not because you have huge feet.” -Alexis Terry, Prowl opinion editor

“When I first walked through the doors of PHS, I never expected to be sitting in the journalism classroom at the end of my sophomore year, taking over the role as Features Editor and Social Media Coordinator for the Prowl. However, none of these things would have happened if it weren’t for Cap. When he “volen-told” me freshman year that I needed to sign up for journalism, I could have never expected the year I would have or the impact this class would have on my life. Between Cap’s many exciting tales and (poorly delivered) dad jokes, there is never a dull moment in his class. I will never forget the times Cap put up with us girls laughing way too loudly (sorry Cap) or the times he allowed us to “ugly cry” over anything, no explanation needed (once again, sorry Cap). Regardless of the trials of life, Covid-19, or mean people, Cap has always been there to provide a safe space for the people who needed it, including myself. I will forever be grateful for his motivating words and his genuine compassion and care for students, academically and emotionally. Thank you Cap. I know you have touched the lives of so many students in meaningful ways, including each one of us. I know that St. George will be a better place with you there. PHS won’t be the same without you, but I feel so blessed to have had your influence in my life. For that, I will always be thankful.” -Chase Anderson, Prowl feature editor

“I’ve known Cap for barely a semester and he still somehow made such an imprint on me like man how did you do that? He gave me a passion for journalism I didn’t think I had until I met him and he somehow turned me into a journalism nerd. Some way or another I ended up as The Prowl News Editor and it’s all thanks to Cap pushing and motivating me to put my best foot forward. He sticks up for what he believes in no matter what and he’s really just an inspiration in general. I’m really going to miss the gossip sessions with you and telling you the deep stuff going on in my life and you spilling some serious tea to me. It’s not like Cap needs anything added to his ego but I’m going to build it up anyways. It’s truly extraordinary to see Cap care so much about everyone and their success. He always has everyone’s best interest at heart and he is willing to do anything to protect the ones he cares about. I hope you’re able to feel at home in St. George without all of us; I know it will be hard because the Prowl Staff is hard to be without. Journalism won’t be the same without you, but we’re going to keep producing stories and prove that we can do things without the big man and to make you proud. Thank you so much for everything, you will most definitely not be forgotten, and be prepared to get a graduation announcement in two years, and yes, I expect you to come.” -Gabby Paterson, Prowl news editor 

“Cap has always been a wonderful inspiration of mine. I’ve known him ever since I was just a little girl peeking over the pew at church to stare at him. Since freshman year, he has always been someone I could turn to for help with school work and personal issues. On some of my hardest days, he always knew just what to say. As both a Journalism Adviser and English teacher, Cap has been able to teach me many life skills that I will use long into my future. I cannot describe in words how much he means to me but I’ll try: Every moment with him is memorable, from writing goofy editorials to making the kids in 5th period suffer. I’ve never had a teacher that cared more about their students than themselves.  His selflessness in the classroom has led to a growing group of moderately-halfway decent people that are slowly changing the school into a better place. From starting the GSA chapter to being a passionate Journalism teacher, it’s obvious that this man cares about everyone. He has taught me how to speak out, but also shut up. He’s given me a burning passion for journalism and writing that I never thought I had. He’s given me a safe place that I can go when I’m feeling down. He’s given me a family that I never want to leave behind. He’s given me so much that I don’t think I could ever give back. I am so grateful for everything and I will treasure all the little moments in my heart forever. Thank you so much Cap.” -Addy Moretti, Prowl feature editor 

“I’ve changed a lot since the beginning of my senior year, and much of that is because of Cap. He’s been my most confident academic supporter, and his encouragement has made me believe in myself a lot more than I used to. His over-exaggerated arrogance has also made it a lot easier for me to express pride in my own skills and achievements. He built this newspaper and this journalism community from the ground up, and I’m thrilled to watch his legacy grow and thrive.” -Bailey Phillips, Prowl copy editor

“This semester, Cap let me join journalism class when I wasn’t supposed to be able to get in, but I am so grateful that he did. Through joining his class I have learned a multitude of writing skills, turning me into a better writer than I ever could have imagined being. Believe it or not, his passive-aggressive way of doing things really pushed me to get stuff done. One of the most memorable moments I experienced in his class was when I walked into the classroom after taking a dive headfirst into the floor… yeah I got an award for that.” -Jordyn Schuler, Prowl reporter 

“I’ve been taking Cap’s class since freshman year, and have had a lot of laughs since then. He was the most helpful and understanding person in my life when I was going through tough times and made me a better writer than I thought I could ever be. I’ll always remember and be thankful for him.” -Chloe Freeman, Prowl reporter 

“I cried in Cap’s class a lot and he’s always helped me in those times. He would either make me laugh or tell me to keep my head up and I will never forget that. I’m also proud to have played Juliet while studying Romeo and Juliet. I wouldn’t have done such a great performance if it weren’t for him.  Even though he jokes with me about probably infecting everyone with my sickness when I wouldn’t stop coughing my freshman year, I’ll still miss him.” -Taryn Feller, Prowl reporter 

” I never thought the first day I walked into this room you would help me and give me so much advice. I appreciate you more than you know even if you are umm weird sometimes. Thank you for everything you have helped me with throughout this semester, from issues with family to personal issues I don’t talk to people about. You were one of the adults I trusted more than anything and you have not let me down (yet). I don’t think anyone understands the student teacher relationship we have where we just joke around and be mean to each other. You think I’m always texting (which I am).. So thank you for all that you do, and thank you for having this class be the best part of my day. Because you created a community that can’t be broken.” -Maddie Campbell, Prowl reporter 

“I remember being in Cap’s English class my freshman year. He was one weird teacher, but we bonded very fast. He’s helped me with everything I struggled with. I always got picked on, but like Cap says, ‘The more I pick on you, the more I like you.’ When we went into quarantine for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year, I was struggling with online learning. Cap helped me get through it and I improved a lot. After turning in an essay, he suggested that I take journalism, so I dropped out of culinary foods and joined journalism. I’ve had some great experiences in this classroom. There were also a few tough ones, but overall, best teacher and best class at PHS. I was very upset when Cap said he was leaving, but this is a great opportunity for him. He will be missed, but he’s only a text message or a phone call away.” -Abi Arends, Prowl reporter. 

“To current and former Prowl staffers: It is I who should be thanking you. When I first read your words a few days ago, I was absolutely speechless. I know, right?! Cap? … Speechless?? I wish nothing but the best for all of you. Peace out.” –Cap