A look into Isabella Gomez’s shoe closet


Photo courtesy: Isabella Gomez

One of freshman Isabella Gomez’s many pairs of extravagant shoes. This pair is Gomez’s favorite.

Isabella Gomez’s shoes may not be made for walking, but perhaps they were made for gawking—in the best way, of course.

The Prowl took a few minutes to visit with Gomez, whose shoes make quite a statement.

QUESTION: Why do you like shoes? 

ANSWER: “I don’t know.”

Q: What’s your favorite pair? 

A: “The rainbow ones with the clear on top. They go with more clothes and they’re colorful.”

Q: What’s your least favorite pair?

A: “They’re pink ones that are like an inch tall. They look like they bleed…it’s scary.”

Q: What’s the hardest pair to walk in? 

A: “None of them are very hard to walk in.”

Q: What’s the hardest pair to put on? Why do you wear them?

“The ones that are rainbow and not see-through. I just kept wearing them, it’s like a My Strange Addiction”

Pullquote Photo

I’m really bad at clothing, but shoes are easy.”

— Isabella Gomez

Q: Who inspires your shoe game?

A: “I saw someone on TikTok with shoes like my own. So I looked up tall shoes and wanted to get a pair.”

Q: Do you believe you have the best shoes in school?

A: “I would 100% say that.”

Q: How do you find your shoes?

“I look online for cheap shoes. Anywhere from $100-$200”

Q: What’s harder for you to find, clothes or shoes?

A: “Shoes like these are harder to find. I only like specific types of shoes, but there’s more clothes I like.”

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