The Chromebooks have arrived


Lucyjane Crimm

Newly arrived Chromebooks wait in the library to be checked out to PHS students

Finally, after almost four months, PHS students have some good news about the Chromebooks: They arrived Jan. 5, and will be rolled out starting Jan. 15.

“I think by and large our students are accustomed to having devices,” US History and Free Enterprise teacher Mr. Nick Fulton said. “We’ve been a One-to-One school since I’ve moved back home seven years ago and so last semester … I think kids and teachers made the best out of the situation they could, but I think we’ll be more accustomed to the procedures when we have a device in every kid’s hand.” 

Students are eager to get their hands on Chromebooks, but there are a few tasks to complete before heading to the library to pick one up. 

“[All students] need to make sure they have their paperwork filled out and that’s called Family ID,” PHS Media Specialist Mrs. Leslie McPherson said. “The second thing is, there is a $25 fee that we use for insurance costs.”

Students who have temporary rental devices need to bring those with them when they’re ready to pick up a Chromebook. Students who never got a rental need to stop by the office and pick up a slip confirming they’ve filled out their paperwork and paid the fee, then bring that slip with them when picking up their Chromebook. 

Chromebooks will be an adjustment from the Lenovos used previously; however, most students are just happy to have a device at their disposal.

“With the assignments we have to turn in, most of it is on the computer. So that’s a little bit tricky,” sophomore Emily Clendenn said. “I think it’ll be good [to have a Chromebook] because then I can turn in my assignments.”

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