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Lucyjane Crimm

Lucyjane Crimm, Prowl Opinion Editor

Chances are that you’re reading this and thinking, “Wait, who is this girl?” Then realizing that Lucyjane Crimm is that one ginger girl you’re technically aware has been at PHS for a year, but you still have no clue who she is. Lucyjane has found an unbreakable passion for journalism and the only time you will hear her talk is when she goes on about it. However, she also will talk fervently about her about her dog, Prez, who is running for President. PREZ FOR PRESIDENT!!! Or whatever boy she’s in love with this year. 

“Lucyjane is a sweet girl and is a valued member of the Clark Gang (patent pending)," former Prowl Reporter Rachel Bozell said. "She’s a constant source of entertainment with her bubbling personality and willingness to go to Wal-Mart at 8 PM. She may be a ginger, but I think she has a soul, however unlikely. This chick slaps”

Adds Adviser Cap: “Do not, under any circumstances, take LJ lightly. She’s like a pit bull, only smaller, and nicer, and happier. She will rip your face off but apologize while she’s doing it.”

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Lucyjane Crimm