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Nathan Feller, Prowl Reporter

Nathan Feller. That’s all that really needs to be said. Honestly, what’s not to like? He’s so popular that he doesn’t hang out on the weekends, so he doesn’t make anyone feel left out (how thoughtful). He’s so charming and sociable that he decides to keep things to himself so people will have a chance to make new friends.

When he’s not playing sports or being made fun of for being a band geek, Nathan can be found stressing out about the dumbest things, such as this assignment right here. In all honesty, Nathan loves being active; from the football field to the basketball court, the baseball diamond to even the musical world. Nathan loves what he does … maybe a little too much. He’s quick with his jokes and slow to warm up to you. And he loves blasting the ‘80’s, ‘90s and beyond rock stations way too loud. But, he’ll never turn someone in need down.

“Nathan’s a great friend when I have to get something from the top shelf,” friend Chloe Freeman says. “Other than that he’s irrelevant to me to me.”

Adds Adviser Cap: “Chloe nailed it … about the irrelevant part … who were we talking about again?”

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Nathan Feller