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Shelby Fagan

Shelby Fagan, Prowl Sports Editor

Probably the only real blonde you’ll ever find anymore, Shelby is about as honest as her sarcasm. A no-filter, nature loving, hard-working junior at Powell High School is someone you definitely need to warm up to before you go calling her your best friend. Once you get to know her, you wanna keep her in your backpocket. She’s easy to talk to, caring and insanely supportive when it comes to tough situations. A built-in counselor you could call her. 

Whether it comes to screaming her heart out at football games or hanging out with her residents at the Powell Valley Hospital, Shelby never has a dull moment in her life. She’s quick to apologize but slow-going on forgiveness. The perfect combo of sass and smile all in one, REAL, blonde, human being (both in the brain and her hair color.) 

As former journalism adviser Mr. Vincent Cappiello once said, “You sure do put the ‘hell’ in Shelby.”

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Shelby Fagan