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Abby Landwehr

Abby Landwehr, Prowl Editor

“Luckily Abigail finally learned her real name,” Powell High School senior Sophe Morrow said. “I was getting worried”

Morrow has broken her, as Abby will now respond to Abigail. She’s a senior who has most likely overbooked herself in extracurricular activities but of them all enjoys theater the most. When Abby (or Abigail) isn’t learning lines in the auditorium, she spends the rest of her time shoving her camera in everyone’s faces and taking videos or pictures of literally everything (go follow her photography page on Instagram, @landwehrphotography). In her third year on The Prowl, she remains a pro at filling her student journalist quota of drinking iced coffee.

“Abs, Abigail, Abby … call her what you want,” adds Adviser Cap. “She’s a rock-star student-journalist who tolerates my sass and sarcasm, plays referee between me and the staff and insists on wearing a NY Yankees hat just to tick me off. I am willing to put up with her for another year, I suppose.”

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Abby Landwehr