Popular apps are taking a toll on student’s mental health

Chloe Freeman

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April 19, 2021

Abby Landwehr

PHS juniors Kameron French and Lorena Vazquez pose for a selfie after the 2019 PHS Color Run.

In today’s society with the media, news and people talking, we’re expected to have this mindset where you know everything that’s happening in the world and having an opinion on things is the new norm. But is it completely necessary to feel a certain way about problems you can’t control?

News is all around us, whether on our phone or the radio, or simply talking to people about it. Not everyone has an opinion of what’s going on in the world, but numerous resources have pushed people to think it’s normal to have one. 

I don’t get super pressured by society because I’m not up to date on what happens in the world. As a teenager I do other things and am occupied with school, work and friends, but I still feel a little weight on my shoulders to have an answer to questions that would please or support others opinions. 

“I don’t get super pressured by society, but there are some things that I feel like I need to have an opinion on,” PHS sophomore Lilly Morrisone said. “I feel that with people some have serious opinions about what’s happening in the world, and if you’re not with them you’re automatically against them. Overall I do feel some pressure, but I don’t give into much of society’s problems and focus on my own things.”

Going with what Morrison said, some people have a serious opinion on certain issues, which can make you feel a pressure to agree with them. Or at least feel a certain way about it, which I feel a lot of people go through when discussing current events in the world. 

“I only get pressured by society’s questions when I get asked about who I’d vote for president, or who I support,” Stockton Buck, a fellow sophomore said. “ When people ask me those types of questions I usually don’t voice my opinions because I don’t want it to seem like i’m pushing my opinions on others, and I want to avoid conflict in case we have different opinions.”

I also agree with what Buck said because I also like keeping those opinions on certain things, like politics, to myself so I don’t feel pressured to pick a side. I myself don’t do research on those things so it’s hard for me to pick a side when I have no information to back up my claim. 

There is news all around us, whether you watch it, listen to it or people bring certain things to your attention. Whether you have an opinion on something or not, a lot of people feel that it’s necessary to have an opinion. I don’t have a solid opinion on everything and I don’t believe it’s vital to know everything that’s happening in the world, as it may put pressure on people.

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