The Prowl

Chloe Freeman
As a 15-year-old sophomore whose biggest personality traits are being short and constantly copping an attitude, her high school experience has been quite fulfilling so far. If she’s not gossiping about pointless high school drama, she enjoys welding and shopping for basic clothes. She might look like just an annoying, basic, short, iced coffee drinking white girl whose life revolves around her phone and what everyone thinks about her, but she doesn't like coffee. 

“No complaints about Chloe, she’s great, except for the fact I have to break my neck to make eye contact with her,” fellow student-journalist Nathan Feller says.

Adds Adviser Cap: “Freeman is stealthy. Cool and calm on the outside; sneaky and conniving on the inside. Trust her, if you dare.”

Chloe Freeman, Prowl Reporter

Nov 18, 2020
Sep 10, 2020
The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School
Chloe Freeman