Prom this year will look different then years before

Chloe Freeman

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April 19, 2021

Photo courtesy: Greg Wise

Mr. Nick Fulton’s son, Fisher Fulton, and Mrs. Charli Fluty’s daughter, Graelyn Fluty, throw confetti into the air during the grand march of Powell High School’s 2019 Prom.

Pretty dresses, tuxedos, awkward couples lurking about and this year, a mask. 

Students started to lose hope that they would get to experience a prom due to limitations from COVID-19, but in spite of that, a prom will be held on May 1 at the fairgrounds. 

PHS Principal Mr. Timothy Wormald wrote in an email that prom will run 8:00-11:30 pm, and no guests from outside the school district will be allowed to attend. PHS and SLC juniors and seniors, along with underclassmen, if asked by the two grades, can attend. 

Wormald also stated that the grand march will not be taking place in the traditional format, but rather on Facebook Live.  No parents or other community members will be allowed to attend this part of the night. 

Although students are forced to wear a face covering at all times, they are still excited to experience prom since it was unable to happen last year.

It is exciting to have a prom, but COVID will definitely affect a lot of things.”

— PHS senior Ashton Brewer

“I would definitely go to prom if we had one, and I think the seniors class would really appreciate a prom as well,” PHS senior Elsie Spomer said. “I’m not really surprised we’re having prom since our school is working really hard to make things as normal as possible. There is a big push for things to get better. I would attend prom since last year was canceled. I think it will be really nice for the seniors who didn’t get to go last year.”

For many students, it came as a surprise that prom was happening even with the COVID-19 restrictions. 

“I do plan on attending the prom.” PHS senior Ashton Brewer said. “I’m pretty surprised we’re having prom since sports and everything had so many restrictions, however it will be very different from past proms. I’m excited to attend prom, but I know there will be a lot of restrictions put in place with masks and whatnot. It is exciting to have a prom, but COVID will definitely affect a lot of things.”   

Even though students are still required to stick to the COVID regulations, they are still excited to attend the dance. 

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