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Hailey McIntosh

Hailey McIntosh, Prowl Reporter

Hailey is one of the most basic people you will ever meet. She has a shopping addiction, genuinely enjoys iced coffee, and she has LED lights. How can you be more basic than that? Oh right, you can't. She wasn't originally going to join this class, but all of her friends were doin it, so she did too. She's always on her phone, but somehow manages to turn in all of her work on time. Even if that means pulling an all-nighter.

“Hailey is super swag,” said sophomore Madison Johnson. ”She’s kinda hard working sometimes, not really though”. 

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Presented is a bowl of Zuppa Toscana topped with fresh cream and kale.


November 24, 2021
PHS Principal Mr. Tim Wormold is getting his blood drawn for the 2020-2021 NHS-Vitalant Blood drive.


October 29, 2021
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Hailey McIntosh