Did Lil’ Nas X go too far with “Satan’s Shoe”?

Aiden Chandler

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October 11, 2021

Photo Courtesy: Creative Commons

Lil Nas X at the 2019 American Music Awards

In America, we value our freedom of speech more than any other right we have. But where does the freedom of speech cross the line into offending others?

On March 26, the rapper Montero Lamar Hill- aka Lil Nas X- released the music video for his new song “Call Me By Your Name.” The video depicts him starting out in the Garden of Eden, and sliding down a stripper pole into Hell- where he proceeds to give the Devil himself a lap dance- followed by casually snapping Satan’s neck and taking control of Hell.  

“I don’t think it was appropriate to release [the song] on a platform that has people of all ages,” junior Ethan Bartholomew said. “Including children.” 

It doesn’t take a religious person to realize there is something seriously wrong with this. In an interview with Genius, Nas revealed his purpose in writing and performing this song and music video was to promote LGBTQ+ equality in music.

Motives aside, the ends don’t always justify the means. Just because someone wishes to promote equality or tolerance, doesn’t inherently give them the right to belittle another group of people’s beliefs.

Accompanying the music video, Lil Nas released a shoe dubbed “Satan’s Shoe”- which is said to have a drop of real human blood in the sole. It is riddled with upside down crosses, three 6’s and other satanic symbols. The shoe features the well-known ‘Nike swoosh’- which has sparked controversy as Nike denies any involvement in the making of the shoe. 

“I think that he shouldn’t make a shoe from Nike without their permission,” Bartholomew said. 

In 2021, progress of any agenda shouldn’t be dependent on the mockery and degradation of another. There are many other ways to be an advocate that are more efficient and inclusive. 

The music video and shoe has received overwhelming support from the LGBTQ+ community, and it is seen as a mark of gay pride and strength. They put the blame on Christians- stating that the reason for the video was homophobia, and religious people should “get over it.”

Treating others with kindness is the only way to truly ensure progress. Fighting fire with fire can only lead to more destruction. 

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