The Prowl

Aiden Chandler
Aiden is the most unfunny person you will ever meet. He does not respond well to being assigned a writing assignment where he is to describe himself in a funny way.

 He may or may not have signed up for journalism for the sole purpose of having a class with his girlfriend, but ended up actually having fun. If he’s not at speech and debate practice, he’s probably on the tennis court. If he’s not on the tennis court, he’s probably in the band room absolutely shredding a saxophone solo. Otherwise he’s a very basic human being who doesn’t really do much. 

“I concur; actually, I disagree,” says Adviser Cap. “Aiden does nothing. Literally nothing. Unless you count breathing. But I’m not even sure about that.”

Aiden Chandler, Prowl Reporter

Oct 21, 2020
Sep 17, 2020
The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School
Aiden Chandler