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Liz Peterson, Prowl Reporter

Liz doesn’t do anything except watch tik tok and put clothes in her shopping cart that she’s never going to buy. Despite the surprising amount of Redbull she drinks, she will not talk to you before 10 am... if she’s up by then. She will procrastinate all her stories so be glad you’re reading this right now. On the off chance she’s not in her room, you can find her running cross country and dominating in speech and debate. 

She’s a sophomore at PHS at and surely you’ve seen, or heard, her. She is described as eccentric and very loud by her peers and will not take no for an answer. Liz is very easily distracted and will often forget to text you back or leave you on read; however, if you manage to get one back, know that she really cares.

“Liz’s existence isn’t particularly difficult to figure out: She is willing to endure painful cross country workouts with Mr. Holland and the excruciating pain it involves (wink wink),” former journalism adviser Mr. Vincent Cappiello said. “Additionally, she employs colorful language with accuracy and passion. But at the end of the day, her dimples reveal her true self -- she’s warm, sincere, and loyal, and she will never quit.”

“Liz is one of the bluntest people I know,” Prowl sports editor Shelby Fagan said. “She’s definitely one of my favorite sophomores to hang out with by far. Whether it be at the fair, or at school, her voice is heard anywhere you go.”

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Liz Peterson