The downtown Christmas parade and events were a huge success

Liz Peterson

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May 25, 2022

Liz Peterson

Brianna Evelo (left) and Isabelle Lobinger (right) decorate ornaments and help young kids decorate theirs at the Downtown Christmas Celebration on Dec 4.

Christmas is up and running like never before. Lights are strung, halls are decked and the streets are filled with the sound of music. Specifically, Christmas music.

A long-celebrated Christmas tradition has returned to Powell after a short hiatus. Many Christmas activities were held at Plaza Diane and The Commons on Dec 4. These events included a performance by Absaroka Mountain Thunder, Stomp & Company, Kids Chorus, arts and crafts, a visit from Santa and The Powell Christmas Fest Lighted Parade finale. 

“I thought the Kids Chorus was really good this year,” sophomore Joe Bucher said. “They did a lot of the songs from when I did Kids Chorus in elementary. I knew all the words to the songs so I think that made it even more festive”

The Powell Kids Chorus was a part of the childhoods of many PHS students today. It’s where they fell in love with singing or found their path to the arts. Bucher talks fondly of his time in Kids Chorus and says that others should give it a chance as well.

Absaroka Mountain Thunder and Stomp & Company also showcased many highschool students as they showed off their skills and hard work in their dance routines. These two groups often perform at many community events such as the Park County Fair. They appeared once more at the end of the night for their final showcase in the parade.

“There is always a great community turnout at our events,” freshman Kate Miller said. “I have been clogging since I was young and whenever we perform the crowds are always encouraging. I think it’s an important part of our community.”

There is always a great community turnout at our events. I have been clogging since I was young and whenever we perform the crowds are always encouraging. I think it’s an important part of our community.”

— Kate Miller

The event continued into the day as arts and crafts were set up at The Commons downtown. This featured face painting and a photobooth and many opportunities for festive crafts.

Isabelle Lobinger and other volunteers played a large part in the festivities. With PHS’s Robotics team’s contribution, the festivities ran smoothly. The event was a huge success and kids could be seen making ornaments and crafts for themselves and their families. 

“We’re here on behalf of robotics,” freshman Lobinger said. “It’s part of our community service and allows us to give back. [The event] went really well and I’m excited to see how we can help in later years.”

Santa also made a surprise appearance at The Commons to tell kids and parents to meet him at Plaza Diane for pictures and a complimentary candy canes. 

“I think [the parade] was my favorite part,” Bucher said. “All the lights were really cool and we got together as friends and as a community.”

The lighted parade wrapped up the night. Many floats showcased businesses around town, emergency workers and, of course, Santa Clause. The floats and cars were wrapped with lights and played festive tunes. 

A few of the floats included the Northwest College Band, as well as their foreign exchange students, Immanuel Lutheran Church, One Stop Motorsports and many more; all of which showcased great floats.

“I enjoyed the side by sides with all the lights on,” junior Yessenia Teague said. “I thought that was really creative and something I hadn’t seen before.”

After the pandemic forced the cancellation of the event in 2020, it was refreshing for many to see it return to the streets this year.

“I would definitely recommend that more people attend the event and parade,” Teague said. “I think especially after COVID, getting together at those events is really good for the community.”