With a new year comes new goals and ambitions for PHS students

Liz Peterson

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A PHS student ponders a resolution for the upcoming year.

The new year has sparked inspiration for New Year’s resolutions. Many PHS students have made a commitment to bettering themselves in the coming year. With these resolutions come new diets, workout plans, new hobbies, and more.

The purpose of a New Year’s resolution can vary from person to person. For some people it’s a pledge to start new habits; for others it’s simply a chance for a fresh start.

“My resolution is to be more involved in sewing and to make more time for myself,” freshman Maggie Atkinson said. “I think because it’s a new year I want to prioritize myself.”

A majority of students reported that they didn’t set a resolution at all. In an instagram poll by sophomore Liz Peterson, 65% of people don’t have a resolution for the new year. The scepticism that goes along with the resolutions and the commitment to sticking to them deters a lot of people.

“I usually don’t make resolutions,” junior Matthew Wantulok said. “But this year I needed to make a change. My resolution was to stop drinking Monsters. At this point it’s something I rely on and I feel sick if I don’t have it.”

A change in health or diet is one of the most common types of a resolution. Often people pledge to start going to the gym or start eating healthier. This leads to gyms being packed and lower chances of eating out — for a couple weeks, that is.

“I don’t make a resolution,” senior Russel Baer said. “It’s better because I know I’ll end up disappointing myself. No one sticks to their resolutions anyways.”

Baer feels that the commitment to a new habit quickly dies out as people realize that their resolutions required more work than they anticipated. Sophomore Kinsley Braten, however, is confident in her ability to take on the new year and better herself in the process.

“My resolution is to start working out and work on bettering my figure,” Braten said. “Through cheerleading and other activities I think I can accomplish this goal. In the end it will be better for myself.”

Some see a resolution as silly or something that’s not worth their time, but others see it as an opportunity. Throughout PHS, many resolutions were made. Now it’s just a matter of sticking to it.