Like many other places in the world, Powell has experienced higher gas prices than usual

Gas prices across the U.S are reaching record highs in the year of 2021.

Bob Chandler

Gas prices across the U.S are reaching record highs in the year of 2021.

If you have filled your car up with gas in the last few months, it is likely that you have noticed a large increase in the price of that deceased dinosaur juice.

An article from the National Public Radio reveals information about this increase in price.

“The national average gas price has risen by more than 50 cents [from January to March],” NPR said. “Really, the blame of this is economic improvement – Americans getting out, having places to go. The economy’s reopening, and Americans are responding vigorously, driving up demand.”

NPR reports that it is an issue of supply and demand- the demand for gas is very high now that more people are getting out, and the supply is rather low. 

Junior Kyler Warren participates in Motocross and owns his own vehicle that he drives to school everyday, so he goes through a lot of gasoline. 

“I understand that gas is hard to get right now, but the price does seem high,” Warren said. “It roughly costs $50 to fill my car.” 

Ever since gas prices hit a resounding low in April 2020, the prices of gas have had an upward trend in the months since, with an exponential spike in January and February of 2021.

Auto Blog reports the cheapest local gas prices in our area- with Maverick and Blair’s at the top with a price of $2.97 per gallon, and Pitstop at a close second at $2.99 per gallon.

“I hope the gas prices start to go down,” Warren said. “If [COVID-19] or anything else prevents gas companies from doing their job, gas prices could get higher.” 

It is expected that the national average will reach $3 very soon, the highest it’s been in over 6 years.

“On the strength of exports and domestic consumption, natural gas spot prices at Henry Hub are expected to average $2.78/MMBtu in the second quarter and $3.05 for 2021 overall,” National Gas Intelligence said.

The increase of gas prices isn’t expected to slow any time soon, so it is important to conserve gasoline whenever possible.

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