Teachers call out students that do some arguably nasty things in class.

Jordyn Schuler

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Jordyn Schuler

PHS sophomore Jordyn Deercorn demonstrates being on her cellphone during class.

Awkward and embarrassing moments are inevitable. 

No matter how hard we try, cringe-worthy moments are always going to be a struggle, especially for high school students. Whether those stuck inside the classroom realize it, the teachers at PHS certainly do. 

“Cellphones are what gets me the most,” Spanish and English teacher Mr. Hans Hawley said. “When students hide their cell phones in class, it is so cringey because they aren’t paying attention; they’re just doing whatever they want to do.” 

Being caught with your cellphone in class when you’re clearly not supposed to have it is definitely something students struggle with on a daily basis. We’ve all been there but what’s even worse is getting caught not paying attention in class. Yikes. 

“What makes me cringe the most in class is when people ask questions on something I just talked about; do you know what I mean?” Technology, Robotics and Mathematics teacher Mr. Joel Hayano said. “That’s what kills me the most.”

Mr. Hayano isn’t alone in his opinion. Fellow math teacher Mrs. Cathy McKenzie experiences the same cringey moments. 

“What makes me cringe is when students have not been paying any attention, but then start complaining that they don’t get it,” Mrs. McKenzie said. “Oh, and when students call me ‘bro’ or ‘dude’ that’s so awkward to me.”

Calling your teacher “bro” or “dude” is definitely awkward for them, but imagine how they feel when you call your high school sweetheart “baby cakes” or “sweetheart?”

“I think when students are openly flirting with each other, it’s so awkward,” Science teacher Mrs. Lenita Moore said. “It’s not that they are doing anything wrong, they are just doing what teenagers do, but it’s just so embarrassing. Another time, a student of mine just unzipped their bag and put on deodorant, in the middle of class, when I was upfront teaching. Isn’t that awkward too?”

You might think that being caught by your teacher putting on deodorant is bad, but imagine getting caught picking your nose. 

“I have students who I don’t think notice that I’m watching but I’ll see them pick their nose in class; I get it, I know that most people do it anyway but just not in public,” Spanish teacher Mr. Brandon Preator said. “And some of them eat it.”

Again, awkward and embarrassing moments are inevitable. But please, for Mr. Preator’s sake, instead of eating your boogers, just grab a tissue.