Baltimore Raven’s kicker Justin Tucker broke the NFL longest field goal record with a 66 yard game winner

Jhett Schwahn

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November 26, 2021

Nic Antaya

Justin Tucker celebrates his game winning, record breaking field goal.

The kick that made the Baltimore Ravens victorious will live in National Football League infamy forever. Justin Tucker, 31, set a new NFL record for the longest field goal with a distance of 66 yards, just shy of 200 feet. 

Tucker was just a few yards shy of 65 yards during pre-game. However, once his name was called in the final seconds of the game, he didn’t think twice about what he had to do.

“Thankfully, [I] found an extra yard and a half that I didn’t have three hours before,” Justin Tucker said in his post-game interview with National Public Radio. “And I’m grateful for that.” 

All eyes were on Tucker as he trotted onto the field with three seconds on the clock and his team in a one point deficit. 

The ball was on the 49-yard line making the placement of the kick at the 56-yard line. The snap was good, the hold was perfect and the kick was on its way.

Thankfully, [I] found an extra yard and a half that I didn’t have three hours before.”

— Justin Tucker

“When it went off his foot, I thought it had a chance,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said in the press conference with NPR. “He’s the best kicker in the NFL.” 

With the crowd on the edge of their seats, the ball hit the crossbar of the goal post. The ball took a great bounce for Tucker, flipping up and through the posts, a new NFL record for Tucker. This wasn’t just dumb luck; Tucker had a method for getting a couple of extra yards on the kick.

“Instead of landing on my plant foot, I just basically kick the ball off like it’s a kickoff, so I land on my kicking foot,” Tucker said in the press conference. “This is why in some of the pictures it looked like I was about to fall over.”

With NFL kickers making longer and longer kicks it makes you wonder, how far will the next record be?

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