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Jhett Schwahn

Jhett Schwahn, Prowl Reporter

Jhett is a 16-year-old outgoing and fun-loving kid. He’s very into sports like football, basketball, and baseball. Another thing Jhett likes to do is go fishing in the mountains. He has a good-sized family with 3 siblings (two brothers and a sister) that are all way older than him. Jhett’s closest sibling in age is 26, his others sibling’s ages are 28 and 30.

His parents are both teachers at the high school, his dad is a math teacher and his mom is a para. Jhett has always grown up around the high school with his siblings all being graduates of PHS. Some of his earliest memories are running around the football field as a kid watching his brothers play. His high school experience has been good so far and he’s looking forward to the next 3 years at PHS.

“Jhett is the kind of kid who is so competitive that you’ll be his worst enemy one second, then his best friend the next.” sophomore Brock Johnson said.

Adds Prowl editor-in-chief Lucyjane Crimm: "One day I will learn Jhett's name, but until then he's known as Jeet."

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Jhett Schwahn