PHS student athletes talk about their experiences balancing school, sports and work.

I just want everyone to find a home and through that our chapter can do that and my team can do that. 

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December 21, 2023

PC: Brooke Bessler

PHS sophomore Brooke Bessler practices the discus throw for outdoor track.

With age comes responsibility. All of a sudden there are bills that need to be paid for a phone, clothes, and other costs. Some may get an allowance, but for many students, a job is a must. 

Balancing a job and school may not be that great of an undertaking, but what about when sports get thrown in, too? 

Obtaining a job is a popular practice throughout PHS. Many companies in Powell offer various student-friendly jobs that comply with other activities. And because of the location and the town’s culture, plenty of opportunities for agricultural jobs are available to kids.

“I work on a sheep farm and participate in indoor and outdoor track,” sophomore Brooke Bessler said.” They don’t usually interfere unless they have lambs and have to help unexpectedly.”

With the amount of practices and activities student-athletes fit into their schedules, holding a job can be challenging, something freshman Cami Gernhart understands. Gernhart works on Thompson farms and plays volleyball and basketball.

I think [my job] will help me in the future. It gives me a better understanding of how to manage my time better

— Brooke Bessler

“My work is pretty flexible,” Gernhart said. “I go to practice then go to work. Sometimes I work until 9 at night.” 

Some students prefer to balance their time individually. Working only in the off-season is a good way to alleviate stress and a full schedule.

“I work as a lifeguard and I swim,” sophomore Gabriel Rose said. “During the high school swim season I don’t work, but when I swim for the club I am conveniently at the pool,” 

Although some students have worked hard during their sports season, they also have to work hard at their jobs as well. 

“Sometimes in the club season I have to skip some of the practice to make my shift,” Rose said. 

Both holding a job and participating in a sport can teach you skills for the future. Whether it is college or a career, learning how to balance work and life is a skill everyone should learn.

“I think [my job] will help me in the future,” Bessler said. “It gives me a better understanding of how to manage my time better.”