PHS students share their Christmas traditions

I just want everyone to find a home and through that our chapter can do that and my team can do that. 

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December 21, 2023

Photo Courtesy of Kolby Crichton

The Crichton family and friends enjoy a fun activity during the Christmas season.

From frosting sugar cookies to singing carols, families and friends have found a variety of ways to celebrate the Christmas season. Holiday traditions are a commonality in the world and families gather to spread joy and cheer through rituals and festivities.

Traditions are long-established customs or beliefs between generations. Many traditions are derived from a cute story or culture and help to stay connected and grounded to their heritage and respective roots.

 “I think traditions are important because they help us remember our past and where we came from,” junior Kolby Crichton said.

Traditions can make the holidays feel reliable and consistent as well as adding a familiar fondness to the festivities and gatherings.

“Traditions are always good principles you can rely on,” junior Kora Terry said. “It’s something you can continue to pass down, and they just bring everyone together, which is super important, especially during the holidays.”

Besides getting in the spirit of Christmas, traditions have an alternative purpose of unifying and bonding people in a bloodline or community.

“Traditions are really fun for me because it’s when my family gets along without any problems, and we just joke around and have fun,” Crichton said.

Traditions are really fun for me because it’s when my family gets along without any problems, and we just joke around and have fun.

Every household is different, so every tradition or ritual is special to each individual in the family. 

“Every year my family has a boxing match to decide who gets to open presents first,” junior Liam Atkinson said. “It was something my Dad started because he was a boxer.”

Other traditions change the schedule of the Christmas season, followed by many citizens across the nation.

“I would say our unique tradition is that we always open our presents before Christmas,” Terry said. “I think we’re just too impatient to wait for the actual day to come so we start opening them five days before Christmas.”

On the other hand, families participate in vastly well-known traditions, such as watching Christmas movies and enjoying a big dinner on Christmas day.

“My favorite tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my family,” Crichton said. “It’s just something that feels like Christmas to me.”