An inside look on leadership opportunities offered to high school students

Katie Morrison

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Photo Courtesy of Allison Morrison

Allison Morrison at State Legislative day with the First Lady and Trista Ostrom.

High school leaders are often influential and are always making an impact within their school or community.  Caught up in planning high school events through Student Council, or even attending state wide conventions, these are the students that are making their time count. 

“I think some level of leadership is needed in pretty much any career,” senior Kalin Hicswa said. “Different leadership opportunities are everywhere, it’s when you seek them out that it is most beneficial.” 

Hicswa has attended many leadership camps including the Wyoming Boys State convention, an experience open to any high school junior in the state of Wyoming. The experience is not only open to young men, but also to young women who are presented with the same opportunity at Wyoming Girls State. The simple application process through the American Legion leads to lifelong friends and experiences.

“During this week you run a mock government,” senior Maddie Campbell said. “You learn the little things about the process and how the government does what they do.” 

During this week you run a mock government. You learn the little things about the process and how the government does what they do.”

— Maddie Campbell

Outside of attending leadership camps, it is also important to be involved in groups that benefit your well being. 

“This year, I am on the 2022-2023 Wyoming 4-H State Leadership team,” senior Allison Morrison said. “Some of the best leaders in the state had been selected through the rigorous application process.”

Aside from her membership within the group, Morrison attends many 4-H events, leadership camps and has the accomplishment of getting her Gold Congressional Award. The Wyoming Congressional Award is an organization rewarding driven, hard working youth. Attending many serviceable events has granted her many experiences such as the 2023 Wyoming Legislature day. 

“There [in Cheyenne] I got to meet with the governor and introduce myself,” Morrison said. “I was introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives where I got to sit in the speaker of the house’s chair and hold a very big gavel. I also attended legislature sessions where bills were introduced and passed by a committee to later be made into laws.”  

Leadership opportunities allow students and young adults to learn various skills that will aid them in their lives.

“Leadership skills have greatly improved my confidence,” senior Grace Coombs said. “The skills I’ve learned from WASC (Wyoming Association of Student Councils) and Student Council will carry me as I start a new chapter in college and look for internships.”