Students give opinion on the potential dress code inequality

Jimmy Dees

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May 8, 2024

Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Dees

Pictured from left to right, Cole Young, Jimmy Dees, and Joe Bucher show their outfits they chose to wear for “dress as your type day” during Homecoming of 2022.

Hats. Spaghetti straps. Even pajamas. These are all examples of clothing articles that are deemed inappropriate for school wear according to the student handbook. Students have in many instances have been reprimanded for violations they saw as minuscule.

“Nobody’s ever actually told me the reason we can’t wear hats other than that it’s disrespectful,”  junior Simon George said. “Nobody’s told me why it’s disrespectful.”

A lot of guys will wear cutoff shirts in and out of the weight room. Sometimes you’ll see them with a cutoff and it’s a bit loose and revealing. I don’t see a lot of guys getting called out for it, and I see more often than not women being dress coded than men

— Cole Young

Hats are a very common dress code misdemeanor. The handbook states that any form of headwear is explicitly prohibited within the school building. Some teachers don’t enforce the rule, but others are adamant about it

“The biggest reason I choose to enforce [no headwear] is because it is a school policy,” PHS learning center teacher Ms. Shelley Heny said. “At the beginning of the year, Mr. Wormald said we were going with a no hat/hood policy, so that is why I enforce it.”

Although headwear is enforced pretty strictly, some aspects of the dress code are typically ignored. Especially when it comes to males.

The idea of dress inequality is speculated and controversial but is evident in some cases. If a male can wear a cutoff that exposes the side of his torso throughout the entire school, then why can’t a female do the same?

Guys wearing cutoff shirts that may reveal a bit too much are generally accepted but that begs the question, what if a female wore the same thing to school? 

“Some of the guys have bigger chests than I do and wear cutoffs just as revealing and short shorts as well.” junior Gracie Wolff said. “If a girl did that they would probably get dress coded but guys never do.”

So what is actually being covered up? Students, or the truth?