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  • November 28Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break PHS Students!
The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

Jimmy Dees

Jimmy Dees, Prowl Reporter

Jimmy is a fifteen year old sophomore at PHS, who actually doesn’t know how he managed to end up in journalism (Which is by no means a bad thing, he is enjoying it). He is a typical sports guy who plays football, wrestling and track. He also plays the trombone and piano, which, for some reason, comes as a shock to most people. 

Jimmy moved to Powell in fourth grade and the Wyoming atmosphere was a bit of a contrast to the slightly greener climate of Washington. He has a Mini Aussie named Pepper who is slightly overweight and an old horse named skeeter. He is an avid nerf gun enthusiast who is also highly into fort building (and does not appreciate being shut down).

“Jimmy is one of the sketchiest individuals I have ever taught,” PHS Special Education teacher Mr. Whipple said. “His sketchiness can be distilled down into four seemingly innocuous things: nerf guns, blue jeans, blanket forts, and hot tubs.” 


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Cold peach soup just looks tasty; it is practically asking you to make a bowl of it.


May 12, 2022
Sophomore Liz Peterson’s dog, Dixie, is shown dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day.


April 1, 2022
As the clouds rolled in on Sunday afternoon, the town of Powell braced for a Cold Presidents’ Day.


February 25, 2022
Traditionally Seal Day takes place in the Armory across from the Powell High School but depending on the weather it can be held outside.


February 11, 2022
Whether it’s for a quick escape or because they forgot them, some PHS students leave their keys in the ignition on a day to day basis.


February 2, 2022
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