PHS students share their opinions on PDA at school


Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Dees

PHS “couple” Nathan Feller and Austin Graft show their affection for one another with a substantial amount of PDA.

The phrase “PDA is not okay,” is widely known and accepted but to many couples in PHS, it is ignored. The acronym should arguably be turned into “Private Displays of Affection.”

“When I’m in the lunchroom and I see two couples hugging and being all lovey dovey, I don’t want to eat my lunch anymore,” junior Liam Atkinson said. “If you’re responsible and mature enough to be in a relationship, then you can wait to be affectionate on your own time.”

Romantic affection should be separated from school. It’s one thing to give a quick hug or squeeze of a hand but in some instances, couples go overboard.

According to page 34 of the PHS Handbook, “Public display of affection is not appropriate at school. Only handholding is permitted. Any action between couples that offends or is embarrassing to others is not acceptable.”

I say PDA is not okay. So, keep those nasty grubby little hands to yourself.

— Bella Bertagnole

Though it states that only handholding is permitted, Mr. Wormald deems hugging and even a small peck on the cheek acceptable. Anything more than that results in consequences. 

“If we see students that are doing prolonged hugging or more than a peck on the cheek or something like that, we’ll try to address it,” Principal Mr. Tim Wormald said. “We don’t need students to be spending too much time in close proximity.”

PDA has always been around, but the recent rise of an Instagram account brought light to many of the violations that constantly ensue throughout our school. 

“I know that we investigated the Instagram account because we believe that some of the pictures were taken at school and during school hours,” Wormald said. “Therefore it was kind of a school issue that we needed to try to address to make sure kids weren’t being targeted or harassed.”

Even if some levels of PDA are allowed within the school, the general majority of students believe it should be outright banned. 

“I say PDA is not okay.” junior Bella Bertagnole said. “So, keep those nasty grubby little hands to yourself.”