The FFA reporter recaps the annual FFA week

I just want everyone to find a home and through that our chapter can do that and my team can do that. 

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December 21, 2023

Photo Courtesy of Jaimel Black

Senior Allison Morrison shows off her sister, sophomore, Katie Morrison’s project at the Annual Works Auction.

FFA members, why are we here?

To practice brotherhood honor, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and to develop those qualities of leadership, which an FFA member should possess.

The FFA emblem is a time honored token within the nation. It represents the qualities each member who wears the blue jacket should model. The ear of corn is a symbol of unity and the plow represents the hard work of our labor. From Grandparents to middle schoolers, FFA Week honors those who have worn the jacket and emblem. 

Powell-Shoshone FFA started off the week, on Monday Feb. 20,  by honoring first year members with the Greenhand Degree at the Annual Greenhand Banquet. The Greenhand degree advances the members in the future of achievements and honors within the organization. Each student must learn about the history and foundation of the chapter and nation to receive the Greenhand Degree.

“My favorite part of the week was either the Greenhand banquet or Tuesday morning where the first year members dyed their hands,” senior and President Katie Beavers said. “It was a great way to recognize our first year members, and I love seeing all the physical green hands throughout the week.“

It was a great way to recognize our first year members, and I love seeing all the physical green hands throughout the week.

— Katie Beavers

The Greenhand Banquet embodies the traditions of the organization. Each member is presented with their degree and a few wise words from the Officer team. A big part of FFA history is the FFA creed by E.M. Tiffany. The Creed exhibits the values and ethics that a FFA member should hold. Meijsa McCrary and Curtis Muecke performed the creed at the ceremony.

“I personally think the Greenhand Banquet had a really great turnout,” Beavers said. “The majority of the green hands were there and I loved being able to show our appreciation for them. My favorite part was listening to Meisja and Curtis present the FFA creed.”

Dying hands is a tradition in the Powell-Shoshone Chapter. Each freshman, or first year member dies their hand green to show their peers and community members their FFA pride. Accompanying the green hand each student also wears a FFA plaque around their neck, and plays a game of trivia to show off their knowledge. 

“The signature game and dying our hands is more like an initiation,” freshman Victoria  Black said. “It was fun running around to get all the officers’ signatures, and it’s a great tradition.”

Each year our local Chapter puts on a Works Auction for the community. Every member must either make an item, or auction themselves off for 8 hours of work. This is a big fundraiser for the Career development events (CDE) and Leadership Development events (LDE) that use this money towards competitions, and travel expenses. 

“I was very impressed by the turnout,” senior Allison Morrison said. “If I am being honest, I was worried about how many community members would come due to the weather. I enjoyed the committee and group of ladies that helped me put the night together.”

The Works Auction furthermore involves the community in the chapter’s activities. The community are big supporters of the agriculture program, and the FFA organization. The Powell-Shoshone FFA chapter has found new ways to give back to the community for their support. The Works Auction brought in over $9,000, and 25% of the proceeds will go to Ariel Magill.

“Every year we donate a portion of our proceeds to a community member in need,” junior and 2nd Vice President Aramonie Brinkerhoff said.“The FFA is built on service. Our community has done so much for our chapter, and it is the least we could do to give back.”

Chapter Sweetheart was awarded on Thursday Feb. 23 at the Works Auction. Chapter Sweetheart is a historical award given throughout the nation when women were not allowed in FFA. The Powell-Shoshone Chapter chose to re-establish this achievement to recognize members who go above and beyond. Junior girls go through an extensive interview process, and are chosen based on their involvement and unique experiences with the chapter.

“This junior girl is a leader no matter what,” senior Lilly Morrison said. “She tries to get involved with everything and help anybody no matter who it is.”

This year’s chapter sweetheart was given to Victoria Beaudry. The new Sweetheart is in directing community service activities and the thank you note committee.

“I’m really excited to plan something with the officer team and hopefully get the chapter closer and go out into the community and show them what FFA is about,” Beaudry said.

The following morning the Chapter hosted the Teacher Breakfast. The Teacher Breakfast was on Friday Feb. 24 and is a way for the chapter to show their appreciation.

“Despite the horribly disfigured pancakes and makeshift cooking area, it was a great success,” junior Wyatt Heffington said. “ We like to do something for the people who keep our chapter going, especially our educators.”

Due to bad weather Tuesday and Wednesday activities were canceled. Game night and Chore night will be rescheduled for later in the year.