High schoolers share why they love shoes


Photo Courtesy of Gabby Paterson

PHS graduates Lily Halter and Bryce Hogan stand toe to toe wearing their Nike Blazers. Nike Blazers are a popular, trendy shoe.

As the population of so-called “Sneaker Heads” is on the rise, the hidden aspect of the logic and cleanliness is unreal. 

“My shoes are extremely uncomfortable,” junior Allie Gilliatt said. “For the first two months, I would get blisters or cuts on my ankles. But ya know, when you pair them with some frilly socks, it sort of makes it worth it.” 

For the shoe enthusiast, the idea of fashion over comfort is a slippery slope sometimes leading to extremes. 

“I think it’s a fun challenge to find crazy shoes,” junior Isabelle Gomez said. “I want shoes that are tall… that is my main goal right now. My record height is 7.25 inches.” 

I think it’s a fun challenge to find crazy shoes. I want shoes that are tall… that is my main goal right now. My record height is 7.25 inches.

— Isabelle Gomez

According to Market Insider, athletic footwear sales grew more than 35% for the first six months of 2021 compared with 2020.

“For my shoe style I like to get what looks best,” sophomore Dawson Griffin said. “Jordan 1’s are my absolute favorite because of the comfort and style they [provide] at the same time.” 

The puzzling thought is how much time these fanatics put into not only their collections as a whole but even to each individual shoe. 

“I usually will put a spray on my shoes when I first get them,” sophomore Keona Wisniewski said. “That spray helps them stay clean. But if [the shoes] ever get really dirty, I clean them with a special shoe cleaner.”

When it comes down to having an exquisite shoe style, it often depends on how much money the individual is willing to spend. The amount of money these teens will spend on their shoes yearly, even monthly, is astronomical. 

“I would like to say I find tons of bargains,” Gomez said. “But that is an absolute lie, I spend a lot of money on my shoes.” 

Even if shoes aren’t the first thing you notice about someone, you can easily pick out these students for having eye-catching, jaw-dropping shoes. 

“I try to buy shoes that fit my wardrobe,” Gilliatt said. “I find that much more important than just fitting trends.”