PHS students share their vacation preferences


Photo Courtesy of Jimmy Dees

Students share their opinions on where they would rather go for spring break.

With spring break coming up, many people are getting ready to have a vacation. The question is, which place is better to go to? The beautiful mountains or the warm beach? 

“I would prefer to go to the mountains,” senior Josh Ashcraft said. “I find more peace there in the middle of nowhere compared to a beach which has the potential to be packed with people.”

Some use the same reasoning for why they like to go one place over the other. The scenery can be described as beautiful in both areas and the feeling of calm can be found in both places.

“I grew up around the beach more than the mountains,” senior Aniah Diaz said. “I find more  comfort in the beach… surrounded by sunlight makes me feel at peace.”

Many people agree with going to the mountains over breaks. The wonderful scenery can be a convincing reason to go.

“I am a redhead and the sun is my weakness,” sophomore Paul Cox said. “We live in a beautiful state with the most beautiful [mountains]. I have a hard time thinking of times when I’m not there over the summer.” 

While some people can’t handle the heat of the sun, others love to feel the warmth on their skin.

“The apricity in the mountain setting has no comparison to sun rays reflecting off of the waves,” junior Anna Smith said.

The apricity in the mountain setting has no comparison to sun rays reflecting off of the waves.

— Anna Smith

With easy access to the mountains, most people would rather take a hike, so they don’t have to worry about traveling as much. There are still those out there that love the beach and don’t care how far they have to go.

“I would like to go to the beach because we live in Wyoming,” sophomore Kaci Kysar said. “It’s always windy, and we don’t have an ocean around us.”

Going on vacation with your friends can make places more memorable and vacations more fun.

“My favorite memory was elk hunting this last year with my buddy Stockton,” Ashcraft said. “We were horseback riding and he ended up breaking his gun in half during one of our rides. [That] was a fun day.”

Other people can gain good memories from strange experiences that most people won’t have.

“My favorite memory is probably the one time I went scuba diving,” sophomore Peyton Borcher said. “[I] saw a massive turtle that was my height.”

Spring break is just around the corner and has made everyone excited for their own vacations no matter where they are going. Getting out of school, and being in warmer weather for some, is enough to make them happy for a while.

“A tan life is a good life,” Diaz said.