Some PHS students were able to attend Taylor Swift


Photo Courtesy of Alexis Terry

The eye catching performance on stage at the Taylor Swift Eras Tour concert.

As American icon and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift makes her way into her “Cruel Summer” full of concerts, she is little by little changing the history of music.

“I started listening to Taylor Swift in kindergarten,” junior Allie Gilliat said. “1989 was the first album to come out that I was crazy about, and I’ve just been a fan ever since.”

With Taylor’s hit songs drawing in many fans, America went crazy over the news of her “Eras Tour.” The trending shows across America are leading to crazy ticket prices unseen yet in history.

According to The Washington Post, “The Swifties shelled out hundreds — sometimes thousands — of dollars for tickets and travel and descended on Glendale this weekend, determined to make the often harrowing process of ticket-buying a distant memory.”

That’s not even including the crazy outfits that these so-called “Swifties” are styling for the event. These outfits under no circumstances are something these dedicated fans are “throwing together”.

According to Channel 8 News, “The Swifties from near and far were ‘bejeweled’ and dressed in ‘style’ as they entered the stadium for the first night of The Eras Tour.”

Although we may live in a small town, go to an even smaller highschool and live in a state that some believe doesn’t exist, there are students from our community fortunate enough to get Taylor tickets.

“My parents and I were waiting constantly on ticketmaster but we just kept getting kicked out,” senior Alexis Terry said. “But my mom knows somebody who is a seat holder at the arena so we were able to buy some tickets off of them.”

My parents and I were waiting constantly on Ticketmaster but we just kept getting kicked out. But my mom knows somebody who is a seat holder at the arena so we were able to buy some tickets off of them.

— Alexis Terry

The process wasn’t so simple for other Swifties. As a matter of fact the process was long, troubling and emotionally draining for others using Ticketmaster.

“I stayed home from school all day to buy tickets,” Gilliat said. “I sat there for four hours with my computer open until I finally got into the queue to select my seats.”

But there is a controversy swirling around America with this rise of popularity for the singer-songwriter. Many believe that she hands down deserves the title of being a music icon, while others don’t agree.

“She is definitely not one of my favorite singers,” junior Weston Reynolds said. “I think her music is overplayed while in the end she doesn’t have as much talent as my other favorite singers.”

Whether Swift is liked or disliked, she is making history little by little and it is extremely moving to watch.

“The concert was very overwhelming,” Terry said. “It didn’t hit me that we were in the same room until she took to the stage, and I was shocked.”