Powell Middle School teacher Mrs. Necole Hanks received the Presidential Award for her proficiency in Mathematics and Science education


Kyle Rohrer

Mrs. Necole Hanks poses with Senator John Barrasso after winning the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

A local teacher recently won the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

Powell Middle School teacher Mrs. Necole Hank, was nominated and won this award.

“Winning the award was a tremendous honor,” Mrs. Hanks said. “When I was in Washington D.C., surrounded by other awardees and STEM mentors, it was an incredible feeling to be collaborating and networking with amazing, passionate science and math educators from all over the United States and U.S. territories.”

Winning this award has motivated Mrs. Hanks to continue to find the best ways to educate her students.

“I am even more inspired than ever to do my part in kick-starting more STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics] education within our district,” Mrs. Hanks said.

Mrs. Hanks is always looking for new ways to better her teaching.

“I describe myself as a life-long learner. I continually try to improve the way I present content in order to help students learn,” Mrs. Hanks said. “I hope to inspire all my students to be passionate about asking questions and seeking answers, thirsty to want to know more and do more, and most of all confident that they can make a difference in the lives of others.”

Powell Middle School Principal Mr. Kyle Rohrer  spoke highly of his award-winning teacher.

“A true professional — she is the type of teacher that willingly volunteers to help out wherever and whenever if it’s good for kids,” Mr. Rohrer said. “She constantly seeks new ideas out and is willing to try new things in order to make the learning that much more enjoyable.”

Mrs. Hanks goes above and beyond when it comes to helping her students understand science.

“[Mrs. Hanks is] forward thinking, analytical, and willing to try new ideas out in order to reach all kids,” Mr. Rohrer said. “A true team player that looks for ways to get everyone involved. She goes the extra mile to plan and prepare lessons, labs, and experiments to give students a hands-on experience with science.”

She goes the extra mile to plan and prepare lessons, labs, and experiments to give students a hands-on experience with science”

— Mr. Rohrer

He added that Mrs. Hanks is always finding new ways to help her students.

“Mrs. Hanks is a true life-long learner; she reads, researches, shares, and is constantly exploring how she may be able to do things just a little bit better,” Mr. Rohrer said. “She’s never quite satisfied and is her own critic; she constantly searches for new ways to engage her students and help them to share in the passion of learning and science much like she does.”

The winning of this award shows the character of the community of teachers at Powell Middle School.

“Mrs. Hanks is one professional among many that go above and beyond every single day,” Mr. Rohrer said. “We are committed to doing what’s best for kids, and these types of awards are a testament to an entire staff doing the right thing every day.

“Mrs. Hanks would be the first one to share the award and glory by saying that our building is full of deserving people. I believe that when you walk into the building you feel a positive culture and climate between our staff and students that is real and genuine. Establishing a positive culture and learning environment ensures that students can learn to their optimal level and that was represented in the 2018-19 WY-TOPP results where our school was recognized as, ‘Exceeding Expectations’.”

Rohrer concluded that Mrs. Hanks’ hard work continues to pay off.

“Mrs. Hanks was also recognized as the Park 1 district teacher of the year for the 2017-18 school year,” Rohrer said. “This is yet another testament to the work and dedication Mrs. Hanks puts toward her profession and in her classes.”