Music and poetry cause emotional sensations during assembly


Abby Landwehr

Veteran attendees of Powell High School’s Veteran’s Day Program pose in the PHS commons Nov. 11.

Imagine standing in pride, saluting your nation, hearing your branch’s song. Imagine your strength, the days you have seen, the tears you shed. Imagine your friends, the ones who can never come home, the ones who fought with you. Imagine being a veteran and serving the nation we can proudly call the home of the brave. 

Veteran’s Day is widely recognized and reserved for those military personnel that have fought for our country and have made it back to their family and friends. 

Powell High School performed its annual Veteran’s Day program to honor those veterans seated in their midst. Audience members were blown away by the band and choir’s four songs and poetry read by Duncan Bond and Courtney Childers on Monday, Nov. 11.

“Meeting with you guys right here and the band and the chorus, that’s the one I really enjoy more so than the talks.” Veteran Les Hunt said. “I like music because it kind of wells up some emotions about the day.”

The speeches at the program focused on the history of the day, why it was celebrated and brought to light what it means to be a veteran and fight for your country.

“It’s good for you guys [students] to learn about this because we are your history,” US Marine Veteran Joe Mooney said. “This is your flag and someday you’ll have to defend it and keep it cause it can go away. So it is up to you.”

And it is. These men and women have generously put their lives on the line for our country. And it is because of them that America is the home of the brave.

The Powell High School choir and band perform for the veterans and student body.
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