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The best spot you will find “Officer Kindness.”

In the 21st century, it seems kindness is hard to come by. Thanks to our very own “Officer Kindness,” however, PHS has been given another way to help students spread love.

School Resource Officer Matt Koritnik has been a part of PHS for almost two years. Having started his journey in January 2020, Officer Koritnik has already left his imprint.

“He’s very approachable,” freshman Anne Aguirre said. “It feels like most [police officers] are very intimidating, but he’s completely the opposite.”

The Kindness Wall is a slideshow of student submissions, including pictures and kind messages. This project was created to help students express their appreciation for one another. The TV slideshow can be found in the cafeteria/commons area, and it can be seen playing throughout the school day. All submissions are approved by the school before getting posted. 

“I learned about [the Kindness Wall] from another school; another resource officer showed me theirs,” Officer Koritnik said. “There’s lots of positivity… I’m glad I can help create a safe, more kind environment for students.”

“I learned about the Kindness Wall from another school; another resource officer showed me theirs. There’s lots of positivity. I’m glad I can help create a safe, more kind environment for students.”

— Matt Koritnik

To submit a message to the Kindness Wall, click the link and scroll to the bottom. The rules for submissions can be found on an email sent out by Officer Koritnik, along with the link. Messages must be uplifting and school appropriate. 

“I think [the Kindness Wall] has good intentions,” sophomore Eli Estes said. “I don’t know how seriously it will get taken, but either way it brings some sort of joy.”

The Kindness Wall launched Oct. 20, since then 140 positive submissions have been received. As the numbers continue to climb, more positive messages are being submitted and posted for students to see.  

“With all the positivity surrounding it… the Kindness Wall is going to be sticking around,” Officer Koritnik said. “I’m excited to watch it grow even larger.”