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Kora Terry

Kora Terry, Prowl Reporter

Kora is the most indecisive person you will ever meet. Whether it's picking an outfit for the day or what to write about. Nobody knows why she’s struggling so much, there's not a lot to say to begin with. 

Being a Powell High School cheerleader, Kora loves attention. You can often catch her strutting down the hallway, and flipping her hair whilst flashing the biggest smile. If you manage to get into a conversation with her it’ll consist of some hilarious jokes, but most likely the new boy she's in love with for that week(Even if she’s never talked to them). Be prepared to stay updated with them as well. One conversation in and you will already be her best friend.

“Just laugh at what she says,” Sophomore Evan Staidle said, “we know she’s not funny, but we like to make her feel good.”

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Kora Terry