PHS students discuss graduation announcements

Kora Terry

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Raelyn Ramsay

Senior Morgan Schmidt poses for the photos that made it on her very own announcements.

The end of the school year is coming up, and seniors are getting prepped and ready for the next step of their lives. Outside of academic requirements, seniors need to plan their graduation outfit, walk, party plans, and invitations.

If being a senior didn’t already signify an impending graduation, sending out graduation announcements is sure to establish the news. Nothing like a card plastered with a senior’s face, and an after party address to let the world know they’re leaving high school for good, and taking these senior pictures is a rite of passage many seniors look forward to.

My senior pics were taken outside, I took them during the summer, and when there was snow outside. The photos were worth it, but the hypothermia wasn’t.”

— Morgan Schmidt

“I loved taking my senior pictures,” senior Rylee White said. “I’m still taking and posting them till I graduate.”

Most start having their photoshoots at the end of their junior year in order to have a summer atmosphere. The winter background is another popular option, unless you aren’t into taking pictures without a summer glow.

Whether the photos are taken in a studio or outside, senior pictures are a necessity to create the perfect grad-announcement. Traveling and sporting your best outfit makes the perfect picture. For athletes, a candid shot while in action might even make it in the spotlight.

“My senior pics were taken outside,” senior Morgan Schmidt said. “I took them during the summer, and when there was snow outside. The photos were worth it, but the hypothermia wasn’t.” 

Seniors put in the most effort to make sure their photos look good. It’s a “hot” you can’t not do. And students at PHS agree; the amount of time put in to make sure the photos are to the best of their ability is no joke. Schmidt posed in below freezing temperatures just to get the perfect shot.

“I’m so excited to start taking photos for my graduation announcements,” junior Alexa Nardini said. “I love getting all my senior friends [announcements], I’m excited to give out mine.” 

It’s safe to say graduation announcements are important to the life of a senior. They are preparing early, taking multiple hours to take pictures, picking, and producing the final product.  

“I think everyone should make a grad announcement,” White said. “They’re super fun, and it’s the cutest, most memorable way to tell your family and friends your plans.”