Prowl reporter Tegan Lovelady predicts the result of each NFL playoff game and likes the Chiefs and Cowboys in Super Bowl


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EDITOR’S NOTE: Prowl reporter Tegan Lovelady “re-predicted” the NFL playoffs before the conference championships last weekend and also ventured a guess for the Super Bowl. Here’s what she had to say:

Pats vs. Chiefs: The Pats are just too good. I just can’t picture the Chiefs pulling off this win. The Chiefs’ defense is nowhere near as skilled as the Pats’. Mahomes should be prepared to get steamrolled. You simply just never question Tom Brady and Gronk, especially in the playoffs, in January.

Rams vs. Saints: Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson have the power to lead the Rams to the victory. They’re definitely huge game changers. If the Rams get a good thing stirring early in the game, there’s no doubt in my mind that they will appear in this years Super Bowl. The Rams just have to put the hammer down, and keep the fire lit.

Rams vs. Pats: The simplest and most important rule of football: NEVER EVER DOUBT THE PATRIOTS. If they want the trophy and the ring, they’ll find a way to win the trophy and the ring, easy as that.

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Original predictions

Round 1: Wildcard games

Chargers vs. Ravens: The Chargers have the upper hand when it comes to their record, and they play well on the road. The Chargers’ defense learned not to cave from their loss to the Ravens in Week 16, and Lamar Jackson is going to choke.

Colts vs. Texans: Both teams have stellar defenses, but the Colts’ offense is unmatched by the Texans’ in their ability to protect their quarterback. The Colts can move the ball down the field more efficiently.

Seahawks vs. Cowboys: Jaylon Smith, Leighton Vander Esch and Amari Cooper have all improved since the beginning of the season, and the Dallas offense has started to really click. If Dallas keeps Dak from throwing the ball as much, the boys should clutch this game easily.

Bears vs. Eagles: Chicago’s defense is full of studs, and the Eagles’ offense doesn’t really have a chance. Chicago is a rough place to play, and this game has the potential to be a blowout.

2nd Round: Divisional games

Chiefs vs. Colts: Although the Colts’ defense is solid, it’s just not enough to stop KC’s O-line. Also, it’s hard to picture Indianapolis’ offense outscoring Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City’s offense.

Patriots vs. Chargers: Sure, the Chargers have a better defense, but in this situation, I don’t doubt the talent that Brady and Gronk bring to the table. They can pull dubs out of thin air.

Saints vs. Cowboys: The Cowboys’ defense will steamroll the Saints’ offensive line. As long as Prescott keeps himself and the O-line in check, it will definitely be a week thirteen replay.

Rams vs. Bears: The Bears have the talent and the defensive line to take this game. If the Rams can start a fire early in the game, they definitely have a chance, but I’m going to put my faith in the powerhouse known as Khalil Mack.

3rd Round: Conference championship games

Chiefs vs. Patriots: Mahomes has the advantage over Brady. The Pats have a good defense, but they really have to stir something up to pull this off. The way I see it, there’s no stopping Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. As long as all hands are on deck, the Chiefs should flatten the Patriots.

Cowboys vs. Bears: Both Dallas and Chicago have incredibly strong defenses, so this game will be based solely on penalties and how both offenses perform. The Cowboys have better defensive backs, and the talent showcased on the Cowboys’ red-hot offense will ensure the win against the Bears.

Super Bowl:

Cowboys vs. Chiefs: Anything can happen at the Super Bowl. With that being said, I’m indifferent. The Chiefs have a really good chance at taking the Vince Lombardi Trophy home. The Cowboys need to flip the switch early on, and they definitely need lots of prayers if they want to win. There have been plenty of Super Bowl upsets though, so all hope is not lost for Dallas fans.


Final regular season standings

AFC East:

  1. New England Patriots: 11-5
  2. Miami Dolphins: 7-9
  3. Buffalo Bills: 6-10
  4. New York Jets: 4-12

AFC West:

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: 12-4
  2. Los Angeles Chargers: 12-4
  3. Denver Broncos: 6-10
  4. Oakland Raiders: 4-12

AFC North

  1. Baltimore Ravens: 10-6
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers: 9-6-1
  3. Cleveland Browns: 7-8-1
  4. Cincinnati Bengals: 6-10

AFC South:

  1. Houston Texans: 11-5
  2. Indianapolis Colts: 10-6
  3. Tennessee  Titans: 9-7
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 5-11

NFC East:

  1. Dallas Cowboys: 10-6
  2. Philadelphia Eagles: 9-7
  3. Washington Redskins: 7-9
  4. New York Giants: 5-11

NFC West:

  1. Los Angeles Rams: 13-3
  2. Seattle Seahawks: 10-6
  3. San Francisco 49ers: 4-12
  4. Arizona Cardinals: 3-13

NFC North:

  1. Chicago Bears: 12-4
  2. Minnesota Vikings: 8-7-1
  3. Green Bay Packers: 6-9-1
  4. Detroit Lions: 6-10

NFC South

  1. New Orleans Saints: 13-3
  2. Atlanta Falcons: 7-9
  3. Carolina Panthers: 7-9
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11