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Tegan Lovelady

Tegan Lovelady, Prowl Associate Editor, Sports Editor

Tegan is the equivalent of a math book … way too many problems. She's a spit fire that speaks fluent sarcasm. If she isn’t singing to herself or making people cry, she’s probably taking a nap or talking out of turn. If you need a corny joke on the double, Tegan is your go-to gal. Don't worry, she doesn't need any help embarrassing herself; she does that just fine on her own.

"Having known Tegan since elementary school," PHS senior Abby Landwehr said. "I would just like to stress that Tegan remains the queen of making stupid puns."

"Tegan 'No Filter' Lovelady always has something to say and usually she's right," Adviser Cap says. "If you don't believe me, just ask her. But be careful. The blunt, honest, potentially PTSD-inducing retort could have lasting negative impacts. She IS the human trigger."

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Tegan Lovelady