New agriculture building awaits bid process


Tegan Lovelady

Shown is the original plan for Park County School District No. 1’s new Ag barn. It’s set to be built in 2020.

The Powell community has been waiting for a new agricultural barn since the end of the 2018-19 school year.

But they will have to wait a while longer.

Construction of this new addition recently was delayed after the School Board voted last summer to seek additional bids from contractors.

The actual breaking of ground was initially supposed to take place in July 2019, but there were some unforeseen hiccups. The only bid that Park County School District No. 1 received for the Ag barn came in higher than the amount of money that was approved by the school board, thus causing the delay.

“I would like to get it moving — the quicker the better,” PHS Agriculture teacher Mr. Bryce Meyer said. “I’m glad we’re progressing, even if it takes more time than we expected.”  

The timing of the bid process was a problem, and the main reason for the delay. By the time the bid process began on the barn, most of the local construction companies had already filled their schedules for the year. A new bid process is set to start November 2019 and as of now, the building of the barn should begin this spring. Meyer said it is hoped the bid process will go better this time because it’s scheduled at a time where construction companies are looking to land jobs for the upcoming year.

The barn is going to be great for our town. I’m just really excited to see what’s to come,”

— sophomore Madi Harvey

The Ag barn will be a versatile addition to the PHS campus. It will include many assets PHS students have never had access to before, including an arena, places to house animals, an agriculturally focused classroom along with other features.

“We don’t want to do what’s easy,” Mr. Meyer said. “We want to build the barn the right way, the way we want it.

“I’m just happy that the hardest part is over, which was convincing people that this barn will benefit our district and that it needs to be built.”

Many Powell community members are anxious for the new ag barn to be built, opening many new opportunities for Powell students. 

“I was frustrated when I heard the building of the barn was delayed,” FFA Secretary Madi Harvey said. “The barn is going to be great for our town. I’m just really excited to see what’s to come.”