PHS weightlifters raise money to go towards weight room improvements


Tegan Lovelady

Junior Tanner Moore attempts his deadlift max at 295 lbs.

You’ve already done two reps and then move onto your third. Your arms are burning, feeling heavier than the weight you are actually lifting. Finally you drive through your feet, push and get your third and final rep. You rack the bar and sit up on the bench breathing hard, face red.

This is the feeling most weightlifters experience, especially Powell High School students who are doing the Lift-a-Thon maxes these next few weeks.

Donors can either make a flat donation or give a contribution per pound for weight. Weight class students will be doing maxes for bench, incline bench, squat, hang clean and deadlift.

“I started Lift-a-Thon about three years ago, and it came down to my budget being $500 and the equipment in there costed $200 for a new bar,” Physical Education teacher Mr. Chase Kistler said. “We usually make anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000 a year.”

The fundraiser hopefully will assist with the purchase of additional equipment for the weight room.

“I like doing maxes because it improves on my muscle,” junior Ernie Acevedo said. “My biggest struggle was hang clean and my biggest achievements was being able to bench my weight.”

Many other students enjoy lifting weights for example, Aidan Jacobsen.

“Lifting weights gives me a period where I can just forget school work and just exercise,” Jacobsen said. “The biggest struggle is trying to get a good workout in the short time the period provides, I am always trying to get better.”

Lift-a-Thon is going on now and will conclude as students’ reach their maxes sometime in May. The money raised will be based on how much each student lifts according to all the five weight maxes.

“Maxes are a good indicator of how much you are improving.” Jacobsen said.

If you are interested in donating, ask any Weights class student who has a pledge form before May 10.