The new Tik Tok app takes over PHS


Kailey Jurado

Seniors Tenna Desjarlais and Taeli Hessenthaler film a Tik Tok in the school bathroom.

Vine is a thing of the past. A new app called Tik Tok has taken its place.

Many people film and upload 15-60-second videos on this app. Their goal is to get on others’ For You page and become viral. Some students at PHS have achieved this.

Senior Ernie Acevedo went viral on the app.

“I do plan on making new [videos] and I plan on getting Tik Tok famous,” Acevedo said.

Many other students also want to make their claim to fame.

“I want to make a lot of videos, because I want to be Tik Tok famous,” senior Shaelyne Ramirez said.

Even if the students aren’t involved with making the videos, they still enjoy watching them.

“I’ve seen a few of the student’s Tik Toks, and they’re pretty fun to watch,” junior Alexis Sinecio said. “I think they should keep making Tik Toks.”

The whole app is a trend starter”

— freshman Chase Anderson

Tik Tok is like a virus on teenagers’ phones.

“I think the app is a source of a lot of trends,” freshman Chase Anderson said. “Lots of things happen on Tik Tok that people recreate because they think it’s funny or cool. The whole app is a trend starter.”

Check out the app and look for any upcoming videos made by PHS students.

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