A guide to voting in the 2020 General Election


Ben Whitlock

The 2020 General Election is less than one week away, with the election season culminating on Nov. 3

With only one day until the 2020 general election, it is crucial to make a voting plan and know who you are voting for. So, here is a simple guide to the election for Park County voters:

President/Vice President of the United States:

Donald Trump (Republican) and Mike Pence (Republican)

Joe Biden (Democratic) and Kamala Harris (Democratic)

Howie Hawkins (G) and Angela Nicole Walker (G)

Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian) and Spike Cohen (Libertarian)

U.S. Senate:

Cynthia Lummis (Republican)

 Merav Ben David (Democratic)

U.S. House of Representatives: 

Richard Brubaker (Libertarian)

Liz Cheney (Republican) 

Lynette Grey Bull (Democratic)

Jeffrey Haggit (Constitution)

State Senate:

District 18: Tim French (Republican)

State House of Representatives

District 24: Sandy Newsome (Republican)

District 50:  Cindy Johnson Bennett (Independent)

District 50: Rachel Rodriguez-Williams (Republican)

Voting Options:


Early (Up until election day)

Voting Information

  • Polling locations
  • Early voting locations
  • Ballot information
  • Check registration
  • Register to vote

For more information on the presidential/vice presidential candidates, visit: 

Presidential election, 2020

For more information on Wyoming specific candidates, visit: 

Wyoming Candidates

Park County Elections office: 

Park County Elections Office

Cody: (307) 527-8620, Powell: (307) 754-8620

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