PHS Raises Nearly 12K For Make-A-Wish


Photo courtesy of Grace Coombs

During one of the most exciting assemblies for Make-A-Wish, the Student Council pied multiple teachers, including one of the Student Council Advisers Mr. Stephen Whipple.

Emma Johnson, Associate Editor

With donations and funds still coming in, the PHS Student Council was able to raise $11,896.74 in honor of the Make-A-Wish organization. Through numerous fundraisers, including pieing teachers in the face and toilet tag, the representatives of the student body showcased the Wyoming trait of support in achieving such a feat. 

Under the leadership of Student Body President Sydney Spomer and Vice President Anna Bartholomew, and advisors Stephen Whipple, Kaitlin Loeffen, and JoEllen Varian, the Student Council achieved something not thought possible for a second year in a row: raising over $10,000. 

“I think it’s amazing how much our school and community can come together to raise this much money in such a short time,” Bartholomew said. “After all the planning that goes into it, it’s just great to see people participate, have fun and just raise money for a great cause.” 

The workload wasn’t strictly unique to simply organizing hat days or coordinating dress-up days, as seen in the execution of over ten separate fundraisers/activities throughout the week. 

As a council, we all put in months of our time and effort I think you can see just how hard everyone worked when you look at how much we raised over just that week.

— Hannah Sears

The sentiment is shared across the board by student council members and even more so felt by some of the seniors who have watched the success of this particular event over the past four years. 

“As a senior, it’s really satisfying to look back at Student Council’s years of Make-A-Wish fundraising in the past,” Spomer said. “Collectively, we have been able to raise tens of thousands of dollars and I am very proud of our ability to improve each year. We have found great ways to better our profits by implementing new ideas of our student council members.” 

Now that the “chaotic week” is over, the feeling of pride and accomplishment is shared across the board, and for some, knowing the amount of money raised is going to a good cause makes it all the more cherished. 

“I feel so proud of what we are able to accomplish in that week,” senior Kalin Hicswa. “The whole community really comes together to support this great cause. The time it takes to organize is definitely more than a week but everything coming together is truly amazing…”