With community support high, the Powell Pioneers start their season off strong


Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Peterson

Powell Pioneer player Cade Queen is up to pitch.

As spring approaches, the Powell Pioneer baseball team is gearing up for their upcoming season with fundraisers.

With the season just starting, the support from the community is already very high, and people are excited to watch the players this year. Many spectators love watching baseball and are excited for the season to pick up again. Parents and students alike hope for some great games to come. 

“I think it’s gonna be a great season for Powell,” sophomore Colin Wilson said. “Honestly, you know, take it all the way. We have a great team here, so fun to watch.”

Athletes participated in helping raise money by making food, getting raffle tickets or encouraging people at the silent auction.

“My family cooked the food for the taco dinner,” junior Cade Queen said. “The auction was a big part of it, [but] we also did a 50/50 raffle.”

Many athletes have been praised for their playing abilities. At a recent fundraiser, Caden Diaz accepted an award for his talents.

“I got pitcher of the year,” sophomore Caden Diaz said. “I am excited to play varsity.”

I think it’s gonna be a great season for Powell. Honestly, you know, take it all the way. We have a great team here, so fun to watch.

— Colin Wilson

The Pioneers have a demanding line-up, but they have high hopes for their games as they continue to practice and begin their competitions.

We have a difficult schedule of 60 games so it will be a busy summer,” Assistant Coach Mr. Cory Ostermiller said. “Our overall goal is to compete for a state championship.”

Although many athletes have played for a long time, their experience doesn’t lessen their enthusiasm. 

“I’m excited for the playoffs,” Queen said. “Just going on trips and having fun, hanging out with the team, and being a part of something bigger.”