The Prowl

Sophe Morrow
Sophe is a quiet and polite student until about a week into knowing her. She then turns into her naturally sarcastic and hilarious self with a hint of attitude. Sophe probably has too many plants in her room and doesn't plan to stop buying them either. 

Whenever talking about Avatar with someone, there’s a decent chance she will walk away if they ask, “The blue people?” The only Avatar worth mentioning is the 2005 television series with Aang and his friends, by the way. Despite these oddly specific characteristics, Sophe is normally a nice person, especially if asked about her role as Student Body president.

“I don’t even know what she’s like,” PHS senior Abigail Landwehr said. “She can’t speak to me because she’s not tall enough.” 

Adds Adviser Cap: “Short in terms of height, tall in terms of sass. Taylor-made student-journalist. Abigail could use some of her salt.”

Sophe Morrow, Prowl Reporter

Nov 19, 2020
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Sophe Morrow