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Sophia Petrie, Prowl Reporter

Sophia Petrie. To her friends, she’s the clumsy, indecisive, short girl who acts impulsively. At school, she’s known for being the quiet, smart girl in the back of class. She tends to spend most of her free time reading, falling, and annoying her bestie Mr. Gilman. She happens to be a cold-blooded winter baby who gets goosebumps in 80 degree weather. As a freshman at PHS, she is on the cheerleading team, as well as speech and debate (neither of which are in favor of her anxiety). 90% of the time you can find her getting run over in the hallway or sleeping in class.

As an artist and an avid writer, Sophia plans to pursue a career as a realistic-fiction novelist. She wants to be able to graduate college without a hitch and spend her life writing on-the-move around the world, using the different views and monuments as inspiration. 

“She’s a 5’1 crazy cat lady, what else needs to be said?” freshman Teagan Southwick said. 

“Doesn’t she sit next to me?” Prowl reporter Kora Terry said. “I knew that's where the stench came from.” 

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Sophia Petrie