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Emerson Wormald, Prowl Reporter

From her point of view, Emerson is the queen of all drama queens. Stubborn, sassy, sarcastic—she’s got it all. When she isn’t arguing a point, rolling her eyes or yelling at her mom because she can’t find her volleyball practice jersey, you might find her traveling to Central America to help people in need. Ironic, right? (Insert eye roll).

Here’s how her friends describe her:

Faithful: This can be described as loyal and true. Once a friend, always a friend is a motto she strives for every day no matter what.

Creative: She has a vivid imagination and creating art one way or another.

Kind: She (sometimes) is very compassionate and sympathetic. Depending on her mood that day, she can be caring and concerned for others’ well being. Her daily goal is to make one person smile, whether that is her family, a friend, a peer, teacher, or just a complete stranger.

Passionate: She is passionate about several things, including all sports whether watching or playing, traveling whether it be to my bed or to explore the wonders of the world, dancing and singing (even though she’s not very good at it, and finally making little kids smile.

Oh yeah, one more thing… she’s also the principal’s daughter—don’t mess with her.

“I want to publicly apologize for tearing you down and then building you up during a 27-minute span of English 9 while reading ‘The Sniper,” Adviser Cap says. “I knew you knew, and you knew that I knew, but you had to express that you knew that you knew so that I knew what you knew, ya know?”


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Emerson Wormald